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Then I began to panic at my commitment to God and I asked myself a lot of questions, like how should I start? What should I do? Because I had never raised money for any cause before.

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Through San Pedro, God answered me. He told me to keep my eyes and heart open and that ideas would pop into my head, amazing people would enter my life and help make it happen, and the Army of Angels would remain with me until March 20 and on that day I would have all the money Fernanda needed. So I got back to Mexico excited but still with no idea how to start.

I told my friends Michelle, Georgina, Macarena and Rosy what had happened and invited them to help me and without blinking an eye or asking any questions they all said YES.

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I understood then that they were the four Archangels I had seen on San Pedro day, and they were leading other Angels. Yet out the four of them, only Macarena knew about fundraising. Please help us. That was the first time I saw the Army of Angels in action.

One day we got call from an important guy in Mexico who must have seen this. But the most exciting thing of that day was still about to happen. After giving me the donation he invited me into one of his favourite rooms. It turns out that he was an Angel collector! It was a beautiful room with figures of Angels everywhere. The experience of my San Pedro day in Peru came back to me and I just felt the same amazing joy again. Do not give up! So a lot of Angels came into the campaign, we called them Urban Angels.

National TV shows came knocking to interview Fernanda about her condition, newspapers got interested. I told nobody about the Army of Angels that I saw in Cusco so it was clearly another message for me. Keep going. Then God sent me another gift. After three really bad days we got a call from Molotov, my favourite rock band of all time! They joined the cause and began doing concerts for Fernanda and from the stage they asked their fans to buy the little heart-shaped keyrings we had had made with the slogan Latiendo Por Fer: Beating For Fer.

As an extra gift for me I got to meet the band, my heroes, several times! In Cusco God really told me the truth that during the campaign I would feel the same orgasmic joy that I felt at the San Pedro ceremony, without even taking any substance at all. That feeling is so amazing that I do not have words in English or in Spanish to describe it.

Then came March 20 and just as God had promised, we made it. Other than doctors very few people have the grace to save a human life and I am so grateful to San Pedro because it showed me how I could and it cleaned and revived my relationship with God on such a level that I could trust in His plans for me and follow His instructions. Nowadays, many of us have lost our connection to God, to our Mother Earth and even to our humanity.

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For me San Pedro was the KEY to open the door to where my humanity was hidden and to realize that I am an important piece in the world and that if I listen to God and the divine in myself I will be free and infinitely happy - as I am right now. San Pedro showed me that nothing is impossible. No fatalities. That statistic equates to just 38 problem cases a year resulting from plant medicines compared to perhaps 10, deaths a year as a result of accepted mainstream medicine. The situation in America is very similar. Other studies reveal that adverse drug reactions are under-reported by up to 94 percent since the US government does not adequately track them.

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Death as a result of plant healings meanwhile remain next to zero. With teacher plants specifically, as long as you approach them in a grown-up and responsible way they are as safe as any plant. In fact, in perhaps the last five years we have heard of just three deaths connected to ayahuasca ceremonies in Ecuador and Peru, and, while the mainstream media like to have a frenzy with stories like these and to dwell on the dangers and the exoticism, three deaths in five years is nowhere near 10, deaths a year from pharmaceutical drugs, which is where the real danger lies.

By definition, there can never be a recreational use of shamanic plant medicine; there can only be a recreational use of drugs. In plant medicine ceremonies a number of factors are at play — the ceremonial space and the healing energy invoked there, the ceremonial setting and context which focuses the mind on healing, the healing work and curanderismo performed by the shaman, and also of course the medicine plant you take. All of this contributes to the healing and is part of the respectful, responsible context to healing that is created.

It goes without saying that this is quite different from dropping a few tabs at a party. Brugmansia sanguinea. In other words, as the modern world becomes more faithless and more diseased as a consequence , the shaman must do whatever new thing is required to reactivate faith in his patients and reconnect them to God.

Absolutely not; it can do nothing at all. One of the first lessons you receive from the plants is about responsibility: that no-one is going to do it for you so you need to stand on your own two feet and get it done for yourself. Be the change. You can. Amanita muscaria the Fly Agaric mushroom. You must do this with commitment, with integrity and authenticity. What we do need is new, creative thinkers and genuine healers who are prepared to put in the work. As well as teaching, Ross runs trips to the Amazon and Andes of Peru and to Mexico where you can experience directly the healing work of the shamans of these traditions. New Zealand.

An example of the use of metaphor is the four step process that I have learned from the Inka tradition through the Fourwinds Society, which follows: The Way of the Healer. This is represented by the serpent that teaches us to shed the way we hold the wounds of the past the way she sheds her skin, which is all at once. This makes us available to power and knowledge. Even western medicine has borrowed this metaphor with the serpents wound around a staff and sprouting wings.

The shamanic process associated with this we refer to as the Illumination process, which is like and energetic enema that cleanses the chakras and luminous body and replaces the heavy energies with the light of our true nature. The forces that the shaman is connected via initiation rites in this step are a lineage of healers, or Hampe in Quechua, that are the Earthkeepers from the past that assist us in our healing process. The healer's luminous body is also given rites of protection, seeing, and harmony with the organizing principles and archangels of the three worlds, subconscious, conscious, and superconscious.

The Way of the Warrior.

Drinking the Four Winds: A Shamanic Love Story by Ross Heaven

This is the way of the peaceful warrior represented by the jaguar who teaches us to leap beyond fear and violence and the old myths and stories that keep us bound to the same patterns that we and our ancestors have been repeating and that inform the way that we live and die. We clear ourselves of the way that death slowly stalks our spirit taking our power until we are more dead than alive. Instead we allow ourselves to be claimed by life and our own inherent power to create our own myths and follow our own footsteps, no longer needing to engage in battle, internally with ourselves, or externally.

The shamanic processes associated with this step are the extraction process, cutting chords, and the death rites, which are really the life rites. The forces that the shaman is connected to are the lineage of the Daykeepers, or Pampamesayoq in Quechua, that are the bone setters, midwives, herbalists, and keepers of the calendars and stone altars such as Stonehenge. The Way of the Sage. This is the way of the ancient wisdom and the wisdom to come that is not only orally passed down but that we are able to remember directly.

This step is represented by the hummingbird that teaches us to reclaim our true nature and passion for life. Here we learn to manifest, appreciate, and be unattached. We shed our identities and teachers so that we have nothing left to defend and can now be truly free to create and work for the joy of it, drinking the nectar of life all along the way.

Here we learn to enjoy the journey and the process, even the contrast, and that the impossible can be made possible. We learn to master time and journey into the past and future to retrieve lost or compromised parts of our energy and change our perception and to nudge our destiny by re-aligning our energy with who we desire to become. We learn to keep a secret even from ourselves so that life remains exhilarating much like you do when you go to a movie and purposely keep the secret from yourself that it is just a script with a director and actors so that you can get fully into the drama.

And finally we learn to be invisible, to blend in with our village to remain free and safe. The shamanic processes associated with this step are the Soul Retrieval and Destiny Retrieval. The forces that the shaman is connected to are the lineage of Wisdomkeepers, or Altomesayoq in Quechua, who keep and share the wisdom teachings that come to us from the Source. The Way of the Visionary. This is represented by the Eagle and Condor who teach us to look at the big picture and be driven by a vision.

We put the cart way before the horse and use our creative power to dream a world into being for the benefit of our children's children. Here we come from a place of total stillness and unity consciousness and we dare to make the possible more probable by tracking our vision well into the future. The processes associated with this step are to acknowledge what we have identified with, dis-identified with, transcended, and ultimately included as Creator.

And here we do a lot of shadow work as well to dig deep into the subconscious to that which may still be eluding us and where we are wasting energy in a secret battle. We do this shadow work to ensure that the dreaming the world into being is done without the resistance of our own hidden judgments and personal agendas.

The forces that the shaman is connected to are the lineage of the Earthkeepers, or Kuraqaquyeq in Quechua, who are the archangels and guardians of our galaxy.