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But if we want to grow, we need to be willing to change. So, how do we push ourselves to make that first move and step out into the unknown? It can be scary and cause a lot of fear. But there are so many benefits, it is worth taking the risk. So, you are ready to make the first step and go for it! What can you do? Luckily, there are hundreds of ways you can make a change in your life. You can step outside your comfort zone right now. I am sure you have an idea of what want to do. You may have to build yourself up to it. But, however you get there, there is no need to stress about it.

The only thing that is important … is that you do it.

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Anything and everything are possible if you are willing to give it a go. Age is no barrier and no excuse. Read this article, and learn how four family members pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and educated themselves to achieve more. Moving out of your comfort zone can be a life-changing experience. Once you have done it there is no point in going backward. I see threading outside the comfort zone as an exciting challenge from which positive results can be yielded. This mindset and the resulting experiences have greatly reduced the grip of fear and uncertainty.

I experience a constant increase in my movement freedom and self-confidence which I largely attribute to this process. The trick is to become familiar with the discomfort you consciously choose. Getting familiar with challenging yourself while you are present with your attention and while you are supporting yourself in your exploration into the unknown or unpractised.

That would suck. Now imagine that you bought nice shoes and running gear, trained religiously for months, and completed your first marathon with all of your closest family and friends cheering you on at the finish line. That could potentially be one of the proudest moments of your life. Exact same Exact same person running them.

Exact same pain coursing through your exact same legs. But when you chose it freely and prepared for it, it was a glorious and important milestone in your life. When it was forced upon you against your will, it was one of the most terrifying and painful experiences of your life. Manson, M. If you don't like the new thing, you never have to try it again. Method 2. Visualize challenges as chances to grow. The biggest obstacle keeping you from stepping out of your comfort zone is fear, especially fear of failure.

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  • Instead of focusing on the possibility of failure, think of steps outside your comfort zone as opportunities. You may be right around the corner from changing your life for the better! Keep those positive possibilities at the front of your mind to push out the fears. For example, you want to throw your name in the ring for a promotion that just came up at work, but you're terrified of not getting the job.

    Instead of focusing on that outcome, imagine what could happen if you get it!

    Why it is important to go back to your comfort zone from time to time

    Coach yourself through scary situations. Some good self-talk can really help you step outside your comfortable box.

    Repeat encouraging, positive phrases to yourself. Use your name and the first person to make it more effective. Just think about how much fun you could have! You're strong and brave. This can be especially helpful for helping you with that final push. You're in the plane, ready to jump out for your very first skydiving experience. Don't stop now! Practice deep breathing to release stress.

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    Move Outside Your Comfort Zone – Build Confidence

    Take deep breaths and focus on filling your belly with nice, clean air. As you breathe in, picture yourself also taking in confidence. Once this confidence has filled you up, it's there to stay. Release your breath and your insecurities along with it.

    How Do You Learn Personal Growth?

    For example, be sure to take a few deep breaths before you meet your blind date. Picture the worst-case scenario to put your fear in perspective. Once you're prepared for the worst, you can only be happily surprised by something better! For example, you've been wanting to take a cross-country road trip, but all you can think about is getting stranded if you break down or run out of gas.

    You can make plans for this! Bring along an extra gas tank.

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    • You can even invest in a radio that can allow you to get in touch with emergency services if you're out of cell phone range. Method 3. Do small daily activities to you normally wouldn't do. Challenge yourself.

      What Is Personal Growth and Why You Need It

      Look for ways to step outside of your comfort zone by taking tiny actions. Change your usual habits to mix it up. If you're stuck in a rut, break the pattern! Look for spots in your life that feel repetitive or monotonous. Target these as opportunities to step outside your comfort zone. Turn every day into a learning experience.

      Shifting from Fear to Love and Comfort to Adventure

      Change the way you view your day-to-day life. Look at each day at a chance for you to learn something new. Remember that this can only happen if you're stepping outside your comfort zone. Start a book you've been meaning to read. Buy a different newspaper than the one you always read. Take a different route to get to work. You never know what you'll learn about the world when you explore different sides of it! You can grow as a person, become more confident, gain new experiences, and enrich your life.

      Yes No. Not Helpful 9 Helpful If your fear is socializing with people, you should try going outside, making eye contact with strangers, smiling at them or saying hello. Eventually, work your way up to talking to a complete stranger knowing that you'll probably never see this person again and it doesn't matter if you make a fool of yourself.

      Your Personal Growth Is Waiting Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

      Not Helpful 10 Helpful What tactics can I use to face unknown situations when trying something new? When you step out of your comfort zone, remind yourself that the unknown does not have to be scary and that you can face any situation life throws at you.

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      Not Helpful 14 Helpful Why do I feel powerless to make my own decisions - especially when different people give me advice then in the same breath say, "It's up to you"? This is usually because they are unsure of what they are telling.