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How to Do Bookkeeping for a Nonprofit

Me gusta. My question is "Why sell it in the UK without this warning". I bought this as part of my preparation for an interview. What a waste of money that was. If you are in the UK then my advice is not to buy this.

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I really enjoy the book. It's a good refresher and go to book. The first five chapters are basically an introduction to accounting which is useful, but not really geared towards nonprofits. Chapter 6 is the only chapter that provides any "hands-on" advice.

Farris, Sharon

After reading the first five chapters, I was extremely excited to finally be reading something useful. However, there was a major let down at the end of chapter 6. First off, the author clearly starts off by saying that you need to approach accounting with the end in mind. The end being the financial statements and the statements to the donors.

The author gives you an overview of how to get there: Journal Entries, posting to the ledger, Creating a Trial Balance, adjusting entries, and then Financial Statements. Well Chapter 6 starts off explaining the journal entries. We're talking real live examples. Finally, something useful.

The author then shows you how to post to the ledger. Very helpful indeed! At this point, the author seems to run out of steam.

She never shows you how to do the other steps! No idea on how to post to the trial balance or adjusting entries. Then the author does NOT show you how to go from the trial balance to the financial statements! When Chapter 6 ended and the author started talking about balancing your checkbook and grants I was very angry!! Don't tell us to keep the end in mind and then not show us how to get there!

It seriously felt like something was left out. The author has a love affair with grants. Not how to do the accounting for grants, but how to obtain grants. If I wanted a book about how to obtain grants, then I would have ordered one!

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This book probably has more information in it about grants than it does about accounting. One final, glaring error: The author briefly mentions unrestricted, temporarily restricted, and permanently restricted funds! All nonprofits are required to have these funds in their financial statements.

When will my book be dispatched from your warehouse?

The author seems almost oblivious to the matter. She does mention that they are necessary but she never shows any examples of journal entries using temporary or permanently restricted transactions. In short, if you just want a gentle introduction to nonprofit accounting, then this might be a good book for you. If you actually need to do some nonprofit accounting make journal entries, post to the ledger, create a trial balance, generate financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles then this book will not get you there.

I still haven't found a book that takes a nonprofit from journal entry to financial statements.

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This book was promising, but ultimately petered out in the end. So far, I really like this book. I took an accounting class for non profits and have been doing bookkeeping for a few years. This is helping me to get a better grasp of the materials for when I start my own nonprofit and have a better understanding of what accountants do. My book was bought used and Chapters 11 to 13 are all jumbled together.

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The pages are correct with the chapter they correspond to but it goes from Chapter 11 pg to Chapter 13 of Such a strange thing to have happened. The entire book is a cheerleading book to get money from the government. I had no experience with a nonprofit or business bookkeeping and the book did not help me at all! Had some common sense statements that anyone might already guess themselves but had no useful technical information.

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About us Contact us Site Help Chat with us! Back to Search. Go to Amazon. Offerings: creating budgets, understanding cash flow, definitions of financial terms, how to accomplish accounting and bookkeeping tasks Best For: clergy and lay leaders from any faith tradition Cost: for purchase as a book or e-book Suggested Uses: Complete federal tax forms and financial statements with confidence after following the steps outlined in this book.

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