Manual Pets Have Souls

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My new best friend spent the rest of my route bundled up under my coat and became part of our family. When I got home, my little brother and sister were all excited that we had a new pet.

My mom and dad — not so much. We are not getting a dog.

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That approach worked. Fifty-five years later, my mom jokes that she could have gotten rid of both of us at once. And so began our life with Snoopy. She became, alternately, our rescue project, friend, protector, and longtime companion. Understandably, some people are closer to their pets than other humans. Many furry friends are loyal, loving, grateful, and always there. Those are qualities sometimes lacking in humans. The stages of grief that occur can be similar to those when human friends graduate from earth school.

You may experience denial, anger, bargaining, and depression, before accepting that your beloved pet is no longer present in the physical. These emotions can surface in no particular order and jump back and forth. You may good days and then have sadness triggered by a memory or finding a play toy while cleaning.

Do Animals Have Souls?

Questions about what happens after your pet transitions from earth are also very much the same. A: Yes, as you say, it would be an incredible waste of energy and love for any life form to cease existence after physical death. The universe can certainly do better than that. This evidence comes from:. Evidential mediums who communicate the presence of pets who have passed on. These sensorily gifted people often relay detailed and accurate information that they could never know. After-death communications ADCs while awake or dreaming can involve beloved pets who have crossed over.

That at least some ADCs are actual visits is indicated by evidential and shared experiences. Scientific laws that show energy cannot be destroyed, but only changes form.

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Truly unconditional love and acceptance are so special and important that surely Life Itself recycles it. Pets can show up when they are most needed. After my big first love break-up, I was feeling pretty alone and sad.

A good friend brought me a beautiful kitten she had named Liebe , a German word for love. Liebe was a very loving friend who spent many hours resting on my shoulders while I studied and wrote during part of graduate school. She brought companionship when I was alone a lot. She was my first cat and I learned why some people love cats so dearly. Interestingly, shortly after I was in a good relationship, Liebe disappeared.

We looked and looked for her, but with no success.

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Pets Have Souls | Discover Spiritual and Scientific Evidence That Animals Have Souls

Maybe her mission was completed? Decades later, Miss B — who looked exactly like Liebe — blessed us with her presence and spirit for many years. Let me explain. I checked my directions, even though I knew I was doing it right, and tried it again. Still no success. A third try. So I discounted the idea as ludicrous.

Do Pets Have Souls

Hmmm, maybe I could just try mentioning Miss B. I silently resolved to tell this story if, indeed, adding a bit about her cleared up the problem. It worked perfectly. A skeptic would call it coincidence. I believe it was a message from her so I can add yet another bit to the many pieces of evidence that life is never-ending. Then I remembered how Miss B came into our lives. My girlfriend Andy and I drove to a remote lake to kayak. Ours was the only car in the area and, as we started unloading our gear, a cat appeared.

“Do dogs have souls? And will my dog go to heaven?”

She was very thin but had a great personality. The cat rubbed against our legs and let us pet her. Andy wanted to take her home. When we pulled our kayaks out of the water, there she was, laying in the shade just under the front of the car with her front paws crossed. Departed pets can visit after physical death as illustrated by the following story that blessed several people over time.

Heidi Armbruster had a cat named Lucky that passed over at age twenty-one.

“Do dogs have souls? And will my dog go to heaven?”

She states:. I had just laid down in bed for the night. I was still awake when I felt that someone was calling for me.

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I looked in and saw my cat Lucky who had passed on about four months earlier. She was rolling around on her back the way cats do when they feel good. I was amazed at how brightit was in the room. I knew that someone was behind me. It seemed like the person was dressed in a white robe; I felt it was Jesus. I remember thinking how warm and peaceful I felt—I had never felt anything like it. I felt sad that she was going, and then it wasover.

Our son Mike was killed in a car accident on January 13, I cannot begin to put into words how difficult that was, but the experience I had with Lucky eleven years ago helped us through this terrible time. Pets can also help us when we are facing a fork in the road. In , I was trying to decide whether to become a D.

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One day, a stray cat arrived at our isolated home in the country. She was starving, had severe mange, and walked with a limp. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that there were many hard lumps under her skin and her paralyzed tail was covered with feces. I had worked with vets for several years and was a skilled dissector so I went to work.

The bumps were shotgun pellets just under the skin and I removed those. I gave her a haircut and started treatment for the mange. But the paralyzed tail, weak back legs, and chronic diarrhea continued. It was no fun wiping off her tail several times each day. So, despite having little money, I took Daisy to a veterinarian. My girlfriend at the time was driving and I had the cat on my lap — on top of a towel, of course. The vet said the cat was probably hit by a car and her nerves were permanently damaged.

He said we could euthanize her or keep lots of toilet paper around. So animals, just like humans, don't have one. What both have is a form of consciousness -- higher or lower, depending on your actions in a previous life, which determine who you are, human or animal, in the current life. In his book, "Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals," Berkoff says he spent countless hours researching the behavior of animals, especially dogs, to understand their code of ethics and moral system.

His opinion, after much research, is that animals have the same moral system and emotional lives than humans do. They can understand right and wrong, they have expectations and they work towards goals just as much as humans do -- even if those goals are very different. And while Berkoff agrees there's no definite proof that our pets have souls, he thinks they should at least be given the benefit of the doubt.

Tammy Dray has been writing since She specializes in health, wellness and travel topics and has credits in various publications including Woman's Day, Marie Claire, Adirondack Life and Self. She is also a seasoned independent traveler and a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. Dray is pursuing a criminal justice degree at Penn Foster College. Is there any doubt your dog truly loves you? What is a Soul? What the Experts Say Research has shown that some animals have a sense of morality, which would certainly indicate the presence of a soul.

What Religion Says Different religions have different ideas of what the soul is and whether animals have one. The Evidence -- Or Lack of It In his book, "Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals," Berkoff says he spent countless hours researching the behavior of animals, especially dogs, to understand their code of ethics and moral system.

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