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For major events, there is a need to ensure a legacy that goes beyond elite sports. Cycling as a sport and leisure activity can play a crucial role in promoting public health. The Commission recognises the contribution cycling can make to improving the quality of life in urban areas. It supports the development of long-term plans for sustainable urban mobility in partnership with stakeholders. The most appropriate mix of transport modes is determined by the local authorities and, where necessary, the key stakeholders concerned. The regulatory framework specifies that ERDF shall support sustainable urban development through integrated actions to tackle the economic, environmental, climate, demographic and social challenges affecting urban areas.

Such urban strategies may include provisions for cycling infrastructure. The UK Partnership Agreement and the corresponding programmes are still under negotiation. The EU framework of national strategies aimed at Roma integration invites Member States to allocate sufficient funding for Roma inclusion from national budgets, to be complemented, where appropriate, by EU funding. Can the Commission explain the reasons behind the very low absorption of EU funding by Member States, in particular the funds which are specifically intended for marginalised groups?

What is the Commission doing to ensure that Member States use the funds available more effectively in order to increase integration of Roma people and improve their living conditions in their homeland? What can be done to verify that they are actually used to improve the situation of Roma people, specifically concerning access to education, work, medical care and housing?

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In the period countries with large Roma populations faced major challenges in using EU funds for Roma inclusion. The reasons include lack of administrative capacity and expertise, insufficient use of technical assistance, and poor cooperation between authorities and Roma. For the period an effort has been made to address these deficiencies, by reinforcing some instruments, such as partnership or using simplified costs. Capacity building activities of stakeholders supported in the period will be continued. Member States may also use global grants to entrust the management of parts of their programmes to intermediary bodies with proven experience.

The new period has a stronger result-orientation including a more efficient monitoring system with quantitative and qualitative analysis on the end-beneficiaries and assessment on the results. Since the Funds are implemented in shared management, the Member States have the primary responsibility of monitoring and evaluation. In relation to the charges for hauliers using roads in Northern Ireland and Great Britain, does the Commission not feel it would be prudent to carry out a formal assessment of the proposed new measures, which would see charges levied on Republic of Ireland road hauliers but not on their counterparts from Northern Ireland?

Has the UK Government formally notified the Commission of its intention to implement such a charging system, and if it has not been notified, would the Commission, on foot of this question, contact the UK authorities for further information about the new charges? Is the Commission aware of the long list of jurisprudence and articles in the Treaties which prohibit discrimination against service providers operating in one Member State by a neighbouring Member State, especially if this has an impact on the operation of the internal market?

The Commission does, as a general approach, support prior impact assessment of any policy measure. It is unknown to the Commission whether the impact of road charging in Northern Ireland took place and if it was assessed with respect to the circulation of the lorries between these two Member States. The Commission would contact the UK authorities if any substantial complaints were to arise. It is the opinion of the Commission that road charging schemes compliant with the relevant EU legislation do not have an adverse effect on the functioning of the internal market.

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La Commission est-elle au courant de ces discussions au sein du monde scientifique? Qu'en pense-t-elle? Medicinal products are a central component of EU public healthcare.

They come in a variety of forms, with either a chemical or a biological molecular make-up. Scientific literature defines non-biological complex drugs as medicinal products with a broad and complex synthetic non-biological structure which it is impossible to isolate or fully describe using current physicochemical analysis techniques.

Eventi - Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria

To gauge the expected efficacy of copies and safeguard patient welfare even more effectively, some experts have suggested introducing a special regulatory procedure focusing on this new category of non-biological complex drugs. Does the Commission intend to take steps to regulate non-biological complex drugs in the near future? A marketing authorisation is granted to a medicinal product only after its quality, safety and efficacy have been evaluated and a positive benefit-risk balance related to its use has been concluded.

The Commission is aware of the debate regarding the regulatory framework for so-called non-biological complex drugs in scientific community and the additional complexity of demonstrating bioequivalence for such products. The European Medicines Agency has addressed specific data requirements for this type of products in reflection papers, e. All of these steps attract additional charges. If a person fails to cancel their residence when emigrating or abandons their residence for a period of longer than one year without notifying the relevant authorities, a fine will be issued. These restrictions may, nonetheless, be admissible if the measures at issue were justified by pressing reasons of public interest, and appeared appropriate for ensuring attainment of the objective they pursue, without going beyond what is necessary for that purpose.

This can be justified on grounds of public policy: indeed, local authorities may need to be aware of persons residing in their territory. Accordingly, such practice may be considered as pursuing a legitimate aim. The fact remains that requirements imposed to EU citizens and their family members willing to transfer their residence from a Member State to another Member State must comply with the proportionality principle.

National provisions resulting in a very complex, long or expensive procedure could be regarded as disproportionate. Oggetto: Innovativo sistema di riscaldamento abitativo.

Contract for the government of change

L'energia residua di una delle linee metropolitane viene infatti incamerata tramite un pozzo di ventilazione e stoccata in una sottostazione elettrica, dove l'aria calda viene trasformata in riscaldamento domestico, permettendo di inquinare meno ed evitare l'emissione di ben tonnellate di CO 2 all'anno. Following the example of the Madrid metro, whose waste energy is used to supply a recharging system for electric cars, the famous London tube is now using a system similar to the Spanish one, though in this case the waste heat generated by the underground public-transport trains is being used to supply some homes in Islington in north London.

The waste energy produced by the metro lines is collected via a ventilation shaft and stored in an electricity substation, where the hot air is transformed into domestic heating, thus reducing pollution and preventing the emission of as much as tonnes of CO 2 a year. The results seem so encouraging that plans to extend the system to a further London homes are being studied. Oggetto: Revisione del lessico e della struttura delle relazioni UE-Africa. In questo si rischia anche di limitare la portata della relazione, che invece coinvolge attualmente attori intermedi, attori privati e ONG, e comprende diversi temi centrali quali la crescita economica, la governance democratica, la stabilizzazione macro-politica.

Ritiene che sia opportuna una modifica che dia maggiore spazio ad altri tipi di attori oltre a quelli tipicamente istituzionali? Ritiene che sia giunto il momento di adottare un approccio maggiormente comprensivo delle diverse dimensioni delle relazioni tra UE e Africa, tenendo in debito conto e in stretta correlazione la crescita economica con la governance politica e la crescita sociale?

This means there is a risk of limiting the scope of relations, which in fact now involve agencies, private players and NGOs and concern various central issues, such as economic growth, democratic governance and macro-political stabilisation.

Princes of the Yen: Central Bank Truth Documentary

It is being suggested, for example, that we stop talking about reducing poverty and instead start talking about wealth creation, in which the private sector could play a very significant role. In connection with this debate, can the Commission answer the following questions:. Does it think it would be appropriate to introduce changes that would make more room for players other than the standard institutional ones?

The Lisbon Summit in already decided to put our relations on a new, equal and strategic level moving away from the traditional donor-recipient approach and to engage in a systematic political dialogue addressing all matters of common concerns. There was broad consensus among African and EU leaders that more needed to be done to seize all investment and economic opportunities offered by the partnership to the benefit of the people. The summit also adopted a Roadmap framing continental cooperation for the period around five priority areas that resonate for both continents : 1 peace and security, 2 democracy, good governance and human rights, 3 human development, 4 sustainable and inclusive development and growth and continental integration, 5 global and emerging issues.

Oggetto: Rallentamento economico cinese — rischi per gli investimenti europei. La crescita dell'economia sta subendo un certo rallentamento negli ultimi anni che, sebbene previsto, potrebbe avere ripercussioni importanti a livello internazionale.

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Anche gli investimenti, le vendite al dettaglio e la produzione industriale del paese, pur se in crescita, hanno registrato variazioni annue ai minimi storici segnalando un rallentamento generale dell'intero sistema economico. I tassi elevati di crescita economica che la Cina ha fatto registrare negli ultimi anni si sono accompagnati a un rapido aumento del credito, soprattutto nel settore delle imprese e delle amministrazioni locali.

Tuttavia, con la liberalizzazione in corso del sistema finanziario cinese, questo dovrebbe essere considerato una caratteristica tipica dei mercati finanziari, cosa che assicura inoltre che gli investitori tengano adeguatamente conto dei rischi dei progetti. Economic growth in China has undergone a marked downturn in recent years. Although predicted, this could have major repercussions internationally. Annual changes in investment, retail sales and industrial production in this country have, although increasing, been minimal in historic terms, signalling a general downturn in the entire economic system.

A further alarm bell has been sounded by last week's default of a major Chinese company which, for the first time in the history of the People's Republic of China PRC , has not been supported by State funding to prevent bankruptcy. Although in the past the Beijing Government has made extensive use of this practice, it has given rise to a disproportionate increase in the indebtedness of companies, which the State will not and perhaps cannot sustain.

This situation has also impacted on the financial system of this Asian colossus, due especially to the strategy of reform and rebalancing of growth factors pursued by the Chinese Central Bank, which has issued licences to five private groups in the banking sector, thereby reducing the capitalisation of credit institutions under State control.

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  • China's high rates of economic growth in recent years have been accompanied by a fast increase in credit, particularly in the corporate sector and by local governments. To the extent that the quality of the underlying investments does not match debt service obligations, this may entail potential risks for financial stability.

    However, with the ongoing liberalisation of China's financial system, this should be seen as a normal feature of financial markets, which also ensures that investors properly take into account the risks of projects.

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