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Silberkleit took the recommendation and Hornig was hired in October Sundell, but Sundell knew little about sf and did not get involved with running the magazine. The schedule was intended to be bimonthly, but it began to slip immediately, with the second issue dated June In order to spread his costs over more magazines, Silberkleit soon decided to launch two additional titles.

Gernsback eventually chose " Amazing Stories " instead, and Silberkleit now decided to use his original suggestion for one of the new magazines. Hornig was editor for all three magazines. In October , Hornig received his military draft notice ; he was a pacifist , and decided to move to California and register as a conscientious objector. He continued to edit the magazines from the west coast, but Silberkleit was unhappy with the arrangement.

Silberkleit allowed Hornig to retain his post as editor of Science Fiction , and offered the editorship of the other two titles to Sam Moskowitz. Lowndes to write to Silberkleit. Lowndes later recalled Wollheim's idea: "In the letter, I'd suggest that it might be a good idea to add a science fiction title to the list, offering my services as editor at a slightly lower price than Hornig was being paid, and also find fault with all the other sf titles presently out, but particularly with Hornig's".

Lowndes subsequently agreed that this was likely to be the real reason Silberkleit replaced Hornig. The changes included the replacement of Fantasy Times , a fan department by James Taurasi, with Futurian Times , a similar department from a rival group of fans, the Futurians , to which Lowndes belonged. Science Fiction was not selling well, and later that year Silberkleit merged it with Future Fiction , [8] under the title Future Combined with Science Fiction.

In , Silberkleit brought back Future , under the title Future Combined with Science Fiction Stories ; this allowed Silberkleit to keep the rights to both the titles. Another issue with the same format and title followed in the spring of , also unnumbered. The first issue in the new format was dated January , and in response to reader feedback the title was changed to Science Fiction Stories.

The volume numbering was continued from the existing Future volume numbering, despite the fact that the title was taken from Science Fiction , the earlier magazine.

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Volume 28 No. 4 April 1965.

Since Science Fiction Stories was using the volume numbering from the previous pulp-format incarnation of Future , Silberkleit switched to an issue number format, with no volume. Both Science Fiction Stories and Future Fiction were able to maintain a fairly regular schedule through the rest of the s. Science Fiction Stories was bimonthly throughout, except for a brief period from mid to early when it patchily adhered to a monthly schedule.

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Future Fiction began with three undated issues, then switched to a quarterly schedule in , and finally to a regular bimonthly schedule from the start of This was intended to make it clear that the magazine was a continuation of the version of Science Fiction , but it led to additional confusion, with some readers believing that this was an entirely new magazine.

Lowndes addressed the confusion in the letter column of Science Fiction Stories , saying [24].

Astounding Science Fiction/Volume 44/Number 05

To this I reply that you may have it either way, or in this instance, both ways! Really, I don't see why science fictionists, who can absorb alternate time tracks etc. In Silberkleit's distributor stopped carrying his magazines, and both titles ceased publication, with no notice given in their final issues that this was the end. The first issue of Science Fiction showed the continuing influence of Hugo Gernsback in the sf magazine field: in addition to an editor who had worked for him, the magazine featured a guest editorial by Gernsback, and the cover was painted by Frank R.

Paul , a stalwart of the Gernsback days [5] [30] —in fact, all 12 of Science Fiction 's covers for the first series were painted by Paul.

Hornig worked with Julius Schwartz , a literary agent who was a friend of his; this gave him access to stories by the writers Schwartz represented, but Schwartz would not allow his authors' real names to be used unless they were paid at least one cent per word. Hornig could not afford to pay the one cent rate for everything he bought, so he paid half a cent a word for much of what he acquired through Schwartz, and ran those stories under pseudonyms.

Unsurprisingly, given the low rates, the stories sent to Hornig had usually already been rejected by the better-paying markets. The result was mediocre fiction, even from the better-known writers that Hornig was able to attract.

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A letter from Ray Bradbury , who was a friend of Hornig's, was published in the second issue of Science Fiction , encouraging Hornig to publish sophisticated stories; in response, Hornig wrote "I'm trying to give the magazine an appeal to mature minds", but sf historian Mike Ashley comments that "this never became evident".

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