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Hampshire : Alver Hein van Wijk : How to violate the human rights : military jurisprudence in Greece. Bochum Berlin Juni University of East Anglia April Dorothea E. Colombo Canterbury Wandlung und Wirken des Schweizerischen Friedensrates in 35 Jahren. SCI : Living and working together, about integration of disabled people into voluntary work. Helsinki Bonn ? Bangalore December Dokumentation Bonn Bonn : SCI Germany ? Antwerp ? Antwerp Jackie West, Thomas Wobben :"We're not ready!

Mobility International Bangalore V vom 9. Bern : University of Bern Jugendcamp Neuengamme. Geschichte der bundesdeutschen Friedensbewegung Aus dem Nachlass herausgegeben und bearbeitet von Stefan Appelius. Friedrich Bern : Schweizerisches Bundesarchiv Katharina Rengel Hg. Hainke : Grenzen der innovativen gesellschaftspolitschen Arbeit der Freiwilligenorganisation Service Civil International. SCI : 50 years of voluntary work. Dresden Lisbeth Vroemen : We kunnen pas echt in Vrede geloven als we eraan beginnen.

Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen Belgium Roberto Sabatini: 40 anni di lavoro volontario. Massimo Rubboli : Ricostruzione e Riconciliazione. Il contributo delle organizzazioni di volontariato straniere alla ricostruzione in Provincia di Chieti dal al Chieti - Ortona - Palenta. Firenze : Edizioni Polistampa Kelso : Curlew Thun September Kampala, 1. October [see also Eva Furrer: Working for Peace.

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A manual for training co-ordinators [see also French edition. English version [see also Australian Volunteers at Work. CD-ROM with database]. OWA Poland : We break the barriers, wystawa fotograficzna, w ramach obozu wolontariackiego "We can dance". Booklet about integration of disabled people "We can dance" OWA Poland : Handbook for leaders of lessons on the refugee issue. Poznan Jean-Pierre Petit : Origines des relations du S. Premier partie Paris Poznan [for Polish version see ff]. OWA Poland : Refugees resource brochure. Poznan November [for Polish version see ff]. Seconde partie Paris Amsterdam: VIA Netherlands Bucuresti, Brussels Piet van der Have: The workcamps after the floods in Zeeland April - August , a general survey 50 years later.

OWA Poland: Handbook for leaders of lessons on human rights issue. GATE: What makes the difference? New strategies to combat racism and xenophobia. Antwerp, Rome Athens Poznan [English Version]. Poznan [Russian Version]. Canet France : Editions Trabucaire. Olivier Bertrand: Breaking down Barriers.

Draft versions, October [Manuscript].

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Lizentiatsarbeit Fribourg Olivier Bertrand: Breaking down barriers , 30 years of voluntary service for peace with Service Civil International. Les Origines du Film. Badalona: Ara Llibres [see also Antonio Belmonte: Contra Fuego y Espanto. Temporae, Madrid Exhibition brochure on the Liechtenstein service, in German and English.

Gaia Kosovo: Living together with Positive Stories.

Stories that make a difference. Book containing a collection of interviews and portraits made during a project in Kosovo, summer Freiwilligenarbeit im Ausland zwischen Hilfe und Ferien. John Field: Working men's bodies. Work camps in Britain Gaia Kosovo: Heart Hand Spoon. Roma Cookbook Book containing cooking recipes from different countries collected during a project with Roma families in Kosovo, summer My first Light Second.

The book includes stories from workcamps in the Netherlands, Finland, and Northern Ireland. Toulouse et le Secours suisse aux enfants dans le sud de la France. Article published in Migraciones y Exilios, num 15 [see also SCI Italy: The forgotten among the forgotten 2. A project about Roma and Sinti persecution and current situation in Europe. Active Citizenship in Europe between human rights and migration policies.

A gender focus on Nazi-fascism persecution. Social Inclusion and the construction of European identity. A research on forced migration to activate civil society. How to organize activities for climate justice and sustainable living. El Informe Parera. All articles in German, French and Italian.

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Gallen Switzerland III.

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Photo Album: St. Gallen Switzerland IV. Gallen Switzerland V. Service in St. Maria Switzerland June - September : Correspondence, printed matters, map, photos of the 40th anniversary in Photo album : St. May - March : Reports, maps, correspondence. Vienne : Rikola Verlag ?

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November vorgelegten Motion. Suisse Contemporaine August Articles parus dans la "Gazette de Lausanne, Aufbau ?

Leiterbrief, Beilage zu Nr. Zollikon : Evangelischer Verlag Missy Geiger, H. Ott, L. Bern : Sinwel Verlag Studien und Berichte No. Hans Ruh Hrsg. Januar Basel Dezember La Chaux-de-Fonds Dezember Schweizerischer Friedensrat : Wir passen unter keinen Helm! United Nations, Economic and social council European Bureau for Conscientious objecting : The right to refuse to kill. Bruxelles August Bern April Schweizerisches Zivildienstkomitee : Zivildienst macht Sinn! Interessengemeinschaft Ziviler Friedensdienst : Ziviler Friedensdienst?

Report of the governement Bundesrat to parliament Bundesversammlung January Nationalrats- Debatte Parliament June Almens Switzerland 8. Bern manuscript. Printed article [see also ]. Eden Oranienburg Germany , SCI's co-operation in various activities for child-welfare during the Spanish Civil War and following corresponding relief work in France.

Funds for refugees in France Bergli bei Menzingen, Zug Switzerland Bolle Ed.