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De Voltaire. The rest of them, surrounding this little group of Memnons, are no better than pairs of ears stuck on the end of a stick. Mister Philosopher, poverty is a terrible thing. I can see her now, crouching down with her mouth wide open, trying to catch a few drips of the icy water leaking from the barrel of the Danaides. Not much good singing goes on under that barrel. I musicked away like an angel; I played the fool; I wanted for nothing.

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In Utrecht, there lived a charming courtesan. The Jew was tempted by the beautiful Christian; he had his courier deliver her a pretty substantial promissory note. The bizarre creature rejected his offer. He was in despair. The courier said to him: Why are you getting in such a state?

Which is to say, my wife, whom I will surrender to you for the same price. No sooner said than done. The deadline for paying the promissory note arrives. The Jew allows it to go by and disputes its validity. The Jew said: This man will never dare to admit what the payment is for, and I shall not pay it. At the hearing, he summons the courier.

The Jew dismissed the threat, and the courier revealed all at the following session. The judgement went against them both; the Jew was sentenced to pay the promissory note, and the money went to the relief of the poor. So I left him. I came back here. What could I do?

All sorts of schemes came to mind. One day, I decided I was leaving the next day to join a travelling band of musicians just as well or ill-suited to play in theatres or orchestras; the next day, I was considering having one of those paintings done that you attach to a pole and plant by a crossroads, where I would stand shouting at the top of my voice, pointing out the different scenes: This is the town where he was born; here he is saying goodbye to his father, the apothecary; here he is arriving in the capital, looking for where his uncle lives; here he is kneeling before his uncle, who sends him packing; here he is with a Jew, et cetera, et cetera.

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I chose to do something else. They threw me a scrap.

No longer. Nothing is stable in this world. We are led by unfortunate circumstances, and very badly they lead us too. The vantage point I see things from is not so lofty that things become indistinguishable, that the man pruning a tree with his shears and the caterpillar nibbling at one of its leaves simply look like two insects going about their business. What a bloody awful economy! Some men are full to bursting while others are as clamorous as their stomachs, their hunger reviving as often as they do, but without a thing to chew on.

The worst of it is how need forces you into certain postures. I leave others to walk about with their heads in the clouds. I look around, and I take up my positions, or I laugh at the positions I see other people taking up. I am an excellent mime artist, as you can judge for yourself. These three storehouses supply me with ridiculous masks to put on the faces of the most serious of personages; and so I see a prelate as Pantaloon, a high court judge as a satyr, a cenobite as a piglet, a minister as an ostrich, his private secretary as a goose.

Everyone else just takes up positions. Anyone who needs someone is indigent and takes up a position. The King takes up a position before his mistress and before God; he dances his steps in the mime. The minister does all the steps of the courtier, flatterer, valet and beggar in front of his King. Crowds of ambitious people dance your positions, in hundreds of different ways, each more base than the next, in front of the minister. Everyone has a little Hus and a Bertin. It was Bouret in the office of the Auditor-General.

But nonetheless there is one person who is exempt from dancing the mime. He went about naked. What does the savage turn to? To the earth, the animals, the fish, the trees, the plants, the roots, the streams. The Cynics were the Carmelites and the Franciscans of Athens. Other people had to pay a lot of money to sleep with the courtesan but she gave herself to him for the sheer pleasure of it.

You are dancing, you have danced, and you will keep on dancing the vile mime. She was as brave as a lion. She, meanwhile, happy as a lark, sat herself down at her harpsichord, and accompanied herself as she sang. On the way, I would say to her: Do make sure, Madame, that everyone admires you; show off your talent and your charms. Show us your brio. Give us a crescendo. We arrived; she sang; she showed her brio; she gave us a crescendo. I lost her, poor little thing. The way she walked! The arse on her! Oh God, her arse!

He took little steps; he flung his head back; he played with his fan; he waggled his backside furiously; it was the funniest and most ridiculous caricature of our little coquettes. There was no way she was ever going to stay with me. The fact was that the head was as good as the tail. But alas! I lost her; and my great expectations all vanished into thin air with her. But the truth is, so I could wear my dog bowl on my head What do you expect? Quisque suos patimur manes. Yes it is, unfortunately.

He who laughs last laughs longest. London: Penguin Classics, p. Vertumnus is the god of change and transfer, of weather and of money. Rushton Fairclough. Its famous gardens were open to the public. Philidor was also an important composer.

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He is buried in St. James, Piccadilly. The sixth suite is made up of an adagio, an allegro and a minuet. The play on the modulations as a principle of composition is quite remarkable in these pieces. The adagio movement, which stresses the key of D major by long ascending scales, played in alternation with two groups of two instruments, moves away from this key, taking on those of A major and E major, with an intervening B flat which, in spite of the major key of the piece, gives a sense of melancholy to the whole of the adagio.

The allegro, on the contrary, with its repeated staccato notes, its trills and appoggiatura, never forsakes the spirit of joy it began in.

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With its sonata form, the piece offers a development through careful modulation and numerous harmonic sequences. Mayot has not been traced. Jean-Philippe Rameau — Marian Hobson, Droz: Geneva hereafter referred to as the French edition , for an extended discussion of the role of music in this dialogue.

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Rameau the uncle was an important theorist of the acoustical basis of harmony see Thomas Christensen, Rameau and Musical Thought in the Enlightenment , Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Jean-Philippe Rameau c.

Jean-Baptiste Lulli early 18th century , by Henri Bonnart — He would repay further investigation; see the French edition, p. A famous actress and a supporter of the philosophes. See the French edition, pp. Le Prince.

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Frederick gathered a group of such around him, and used them for political ends. Diderot, unlike Voltaire, did not have contact with this particular enlightened despot, and refused to visit Berlin on his way back from Russia in XIII, p. Voltaire see fig.

He was unwilling to see any action as irremediable, any situation as unchangeable. This is why a tragic vision is quite simply missing from his work, unlike his former friend Rousseau.